Catherine Mizulina told about the tricks of social networks in working with fakes

Director of the League of safe Internet Catherine Mizulina, the TV channel “Russia 24” said that the country’s problems with the dissemination of false destructive information are very serious. According to her, from the beginning of April this year, they revealed the Network almost 8.5 thousand fake messages about the coronavirus. Of them are blocked while only 12 percent.

Catherine Mizulina said that the social network is very slow block false information, due to which such publications have time to get a great coverage. The Director of the safe Internet League proposes to introduce in the Russian legislation, additional responsibilities for social networks and messengers to prevent the spread of such content. If they do not become, will get rather large fines. Mizulina cited the example according to which in Germany, for such violations, it is possible to obtain penalties in the amount of 50 million euros.

she is sure that social networks and instant messengers like no one understands what is happening on their sites. In evidence the Director of the League of Internet security paid attention to how they are able to use the information for advertising purposes and for sales of other services.

“They recognize that control information flow to their sites. And, so, no problem for them, it will not be in the case of the introduction of any additional legal obligations,” said Catherine Mizulina.

as an example, the expert drew attention to the fact that Facebook blocks Russian users for the use of the word “dill”, “nephew”. “Quite a funny situation, but, nevertheless, she frequently repeated,” — said Catherine. Mizulina also noticed on the picture with the Victory Banner on the Reichstag dome, published before Victory Day. Everywhere Facebook has blocked content with its contents, that is, the social network has all the technicalcapabilities for blocking “inappropriate” information, he cannot always apply them.

Catherine Mizulina said that the legislative achievements of the League of Internet security was supported by Valentina Matvienko. Established a working group in the Federation Council, it is headed by the Chairman of the Committee on science and education Liliya Gumerova. For almost two years, the upper house is working on a bill. The expert expressed hope that in the near future it will be submitted for consideration by the state Duma.