Ceramic armor, headphones, and glasses. Army call almost switched to

Over 80% of the old armor of the 20th field army of the Western military district were replaced by modern means of protection. We are talking about the gear from the kit “Warrior” with ceramic plates that can shrug off even armor-piercing rifle bullets.

in addition, the soldiers of the WMD issued helmets, earmuffs, goggles, gloves, knee and elbow pads, said the Agency “Interfax”.

Military specify that new equipment is much more convenient samples, were armed before. For example, the vest can accommodate additional pouches for ammunition and other necessary things.

At the moment, the army is testing the “Ratnik-2”. As the developers say, it is one and a half times lighter than the previous modification. The number of items of equipment increased from 40 to 60. It can be adapted to any military specialty: Rifleman, scout, driver, and medic.