Chief Rabbi of Poland found an excuse for the Ambassador-Semite

Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Shudrich and the head of the Union of Jewish communities in Poland Clara Kolomeyka of Paltin found the arguments in support of the former Ambassador of Poland to Nazi Germany, Jozef Lipski. The authors of the statement believe that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was wrong, calling Lipsky “a bastard and a pig anti-Semitic” for his desire to establish Adolf Hitler monument in Warsaw.

In 1938, Lipski such a gesture would like to thank Hitler for the idea to deport the Jews to Africa. As Putin said, the decision at that time meant “to extinction and destruction”.

Sudreh and Kolomeisky of Paltin reminded that, although Poland and sought to get rid of the Jewish minority, secretly supplied arms to the Zionist organization. Lipsky, said in a statement, helped exiled from Germany to the Jews through diplomatic channels.

“to Accuse him of anti-Semitism on the basis of one opinion, out of context, is extremely irresponsible,” the statement said.

Poland’s foreign Ministry on Saturday summoned the Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev and handed a note, RIA Novosti reported.