Six months after the start of the traffic light coalition, the climate activist Luisa Neubauer criticized the Greens: “If there was ever the illusion that the climate would be resolved as soon as the right people governed – then it is now in tatters,” writes Neubauer, who is a member of the Greens herself, in a guest article for the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”.

With a view to the Ukraine war, the Fridays for Future activist writes: “For the first time we are experiencing the long-awaited speed in politics, just not for the climate change, but for more and more fossil decisions,” says Neubauer.

“Should that surprise us just because the Greens are in government? Neither! They are celebrated so hard for every gram of ideals they throw overboard that no new eco-opposition will emerge in the foreseeable future.” And further: “People will continue to rely on fossils, only this time with a double feel-good vibe , because deputinized and promoted by the Greens.”

A planned law envisages transferring hard coal-fired power plants that are scheduled to be shut down to a grid reserve and extending the availability of hard coal and lignite-fired power plants already held in reserve in order to be able to cushion a loss of Russian gas supplies.

The work of the green vice chancellor Robert Habeck evaluates Neubauer in the “Zeit” ambiguous. Although he explains a lot. But: “As quickly as the embargo debate, the conviction that a rapid energy transition would follow automatically tipped over, because Robert Habeck did not broadcast his thoughtful cell phone videos of tours over photovoltaic roofs, but from Qatar.” Russian gas is to be an idea of ​​Habeck can also be replaced with LPG from Qatar.

The climate activist is also disappointed by the ruling party SPD: “Where are the 49 Jusos in the Bundestag who wanted to make a revolution in the SPD at some point? Fossil energies fuel war and rob livelihoods, for a radical energy transition you no longer have to be eco, it is enough to find peace and freedom quite well.”