Colleagues of the deceased journalist doubt in a fair investigation of the case

The “Live” – the investigation into the death of journalist GTRK “Novosibirsk” Anton Luchansky. March 30, about 22 hours on Bogdan Khmelnitsky street in Novosibirsk, he came to a stop on the tram, and at that moment he was hit by a car.

a Witness of the accident, Alexander Ivanov said that the car raced at speeds of about one hundred kilometers per hour, although valid in the place of speed – 40 kilometres per hour and the SDA drivers are required to slow down for the tram stop, if there is a tram stop even if the green light.

Ivanov says that the driver of a foreign car to slow down without even trying. Blow was such force that Anton was thrown several meters. From injuries he died in the ambulance.

it became known Later that the driver of the car that hit the journalist, was a 27-year-old Nikita Laskov. His father was one of the leaders of a criminal syndicate Sergei Laskov, who along with brother Alexander in 2006-2007 supplying sex slaves to Spain.

Novosibirsk journalists confused by the fact that the son of Sergei Lazikova after the fatal crash is under house arrest.

They began their investigation, but faced with the concealment of information: firstly, they incorrectly called the name of the perpetrator of the fatal collision, and then reported found in the blood of Nikita’s drugs and some other facts.

Then they had a suspicion that the case of the death of colleagues, someone is trying to pull on the brakes, and Laskov will not incur the deserved punishment.

that case is surrounded by mystery, speaks and Andrey Malakhov. He drew attention to the fact that Ivanov was questioned as a witness, but no investigative experiments in hot pursuit was not carried out.

Can Lazikova to cover the influential friends of his father? What he says about the investigation the brother of the deceased journalist?

How to evaluate business prospects known lawyer Leonid Olshansky, and why Nikita Laskowo conducted psychological and psychiatric examination?

the investigation into the death of the Novosibirsk journalist in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.