Cord is ready to become a politician, but with the condition

Russian musician Sergey Shnurov can go into politics, but only if “you will understand that will such a request from so-called people,” if you see the electorate will understand that “can cause these people some good.” Then the musician says, he “will naturally go into politics.”

But only under this condition, a “not when that someone out there decided in some offices,” said the leader of the “Leningrad” the RIA Novosti news Agency during the Student festival of entrepreneurship in Moscow.

According to Shnurov, the Deputy — man of the people, so that the people should offer him to become a politician. While the musician does not know whether he is a politician, and stresses that in the current state Duma for it has no place.

Earlier, some media wrote that the Kremlin is reportedly considering Sergei Shnurov and blogger Yuri Dude as possible leaders of new political parties before the next elections to the state Duma, to be held in 2021. Cords on the news reacted obscene poem.

Today, in an interview with TASS Cords, declared earlier on the dissolution of the “Leningrad”, spoke about his future plans. According to him, he plans “to deal with some other artists, to go as a spectator”. Or producer, which he defines as a “quasi-spectator” — a person who “needs to make it interesting not just to him.” The names of the artists with whom he would like to work, the musician is not called.

To his activities in the Public Council under the state Duma Committee on culture Cords, according to him, applies to work. The Council was assembled due to the fact that we have a long time is a development of the law on culture, he explained, and since the law can carry prohibitive, Cords “these restraining attempts to expand the scope as much as possible to these prohibitions was less.”