Coronavirus is rapidly expanding its geography

In China, the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus close to two thousand. According to recent reports, the infection against which there is no vaccine, claimed the lives of 56 persons.

Eight million protective masks in the day – so much is now produced Chinese enterprises to counter virus threats. But even this is not enough: mask snapping up instantly. And yet statistics show that more serious measures: the deceased and those who is every day more and more. Now in Shanghai – the first recorded death from the coronavirus. Dozens of cities, in order to avoid virus threats — suspended transport. Held total disinfection.

because of the coronavirus Chinese business is suffering huge losses. Even the film industry. Despite the fact that now is the beginning of the holidays in honor of the New year according to the lunar calendar, ticket sales declined by more than eight times. But the city authorities now not to problems in the field of entertainment. In Wuhan, where he began the outbreak hastily build a hospital, especially for people infected with coronavirus. To erect a building promised in just six days. Time already running out, so go without stopping.

the Virus escaped far beyond China. Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, Singapore, USA, Australia, France – list of countries where cases of infection, updated. In Portugal, today announced that one of the patients suspect a new type of pneumonia. In many States, airports, security measures, special control are passengers from China. Canada has already identified the first case of the disease.

Authorities in many countries recommend their citizens to refrain from trips to China. And even to evacuate their tourists. In particular, one of the Russian tour companies announced the early export of its customers with a popular Chinese resort of Hainan island. And fromdiauxie now seeking as soon as possible to fly home, and buy tickets for the next flight.