COVID-19 in the regions, which opens Monday

the Russian regions gradually parted with restrictions. Almost two weeks is observed positive dynamics in the spread of infection — daily growth holds near 6 thousand. In some areas the prevalence of the disease has reached the indicators, allowing to speak about the second and even the third stage of restrictions. Experts warn it should be done very carefully.

At this point, Nina Kremenetskaya first sees the face of his doctor: “All in masks, all the same. All my life, while I live, I will be grateful. I call it kin.”

Nina Kremenetskaya and the doctor in the past — a pediatric surgeon. Now retired, she’s 85, she survived the siege. And now the coronavirus.

“When I woke up said just one word: live, live, live,” she says with emotion.

Saving this patient for doctors Mariinsky hospital of Saint-Petersburg became a matter of honor and great victory. She was admitted immediately to the intensive care unit, two weeks later was transferred to the infectious diseases and two to extract.

Coronavirus is not a sentence, even in old age this disease can be beaten. It is important to know and the hotel Tropicheskogo the soldiers ‘ home. Here contracted from 26 people. And this is the tenth such flash Orlovschine — previously a source of infection became the home of the child.

“In violation of the requirements of the staff of the child’s home for a long time were not examined at COVID-19, including in the presence of signs of disease of the personnel”, — said Tatyana Tsukanova, senior assistant Prosecutor of the Oryol region.

Murmansk. These doctors for the first time in 45 days leaving the infectious unit of the regional hospital. Three anesthesiologists-resuscitators went actually to a two-week watch, but when this period has expired, are unable to leave the patients.

“Many of them write us via instant messenger, I say thank you. Now many we meet in the therapeutic section.and,” — said Maxim Lipinskiy, anesthesiologist-resuscitator.

a month and a half hasn’t been home, haven’t seen them, it is an ordeal, but duty calls.

“the Only theme that interested in how many, for example, patients revealed, what we have recessions, or Vice versa there is an increase to know what to prepare,” admitted Vyacheslav Tedeev, anesthesiologist-resuscitator.

Yekaterinburg. Opposite the 40th hospital, where they treat the most difficult patients, there was a huge mural — the nurse removes the mask after the change, and the inscription “Thank you for your courage and work.” Here doctors managed to save another family — parents with two young children.

a sure sign that the epidemic is on the decline, when discharged more than hospitalized. In St. Petersburg for the first time this happened the other day, and the number recovered was approximately three times the number of cases.

From June 1 to soften the restrictive measures, for example, the mask on the street will not be required. Restored, reduced travel, repealed restrictions for the elderly.

“the Situation with the spread of novel coronavirus infection we have a tough last week, the spread ratio is kept at slightly below one. This has given us a great price and it’s not just about the economic component, that experiences of residents”, — informed the public of Alexander Beglov, St. Petersburg Governor.

Football stadiums across the country are preparing for the resumption of matches.

Here “Ekaterinburg-arena”, which will host the final of the Cup of Russia. Fans on tribunes start up, but the busy needs to be no more than 10% of all seats, it’s three thousand seats. The safety of spectators is a priority.

“People always come 15 minutes before the start of the match, but I think we will resolve this issue. Of course, all the other emotions, the players play in a different way, when there is support,” said Grigory Ivanov, President of football club “Ural”.

In Syktyvkar today have earned Atelier, beauty salons and clothing stores. They developed a rule that will help you to avoid the crowds.

“If we go four at the same time a buyer, we close the doors of the castle and serve those in the hall,” — said Maria Fomina-Chernoff, co-owner of a clothing store.

And on Sakhalin island has opened cinemas. Here the rules are as follows — in the hall not more than 50 persons at a distance of half a meter from each other. However, at the first session so no one came. To return to normal rhythm of life is really worth gradually.