COVID-19 Russia: 7 972 cases per day

the day in Russia 7970 recorded cases of coronavirus infection, the day he died 181 patient, follows from the data of the operational staff, published on Friday. 2 610 people identified the virus without clinical manifestations. Daily growth continues to decline and closer to the figure for may 1 (7933).

today in Russia was 569063 cases COVID-19, 7841 dead and 324406 the Total number of active cases in Russia (the number of cases minus all recovered and all the dead) at the moment is 236816. Russia remains in third place after the United States (2.19 million) and Brazil (978 thousand) by the number of cases.

According oberstab, in Moscow for the day recorded 1136 new cases COVID-19, 48 people died, and 2003 recovered.

the prevalence of infection in Moscow on Friday continued to decline, reaching 0.77 (a before — 0,80; June 17 — 0,91). In Russia the figure is 0,92 (0,91 before).