Died inventor of the laser printer

In the United States died, Gary Starkweather — inventor of the world’s first laser printer technology laser beam. According to his widow Joyce, an engineer, died 26 December at the age of 82 in a hospital in Orlando, Florida. The cause of death was complications caused by the leukemia.

Starkweather was born in 1938. In 1960 he graduated from the University of Michigan, where he received a bachelor’s degree in physics and in 1966 graduated from the University of Rochester, becoming a master in the field of optics.

In the early 60s Starkweather settled in Xerox Corporation for the post of Junior engineer, writes The New York Times. As a member of the research center Xerox PARC in 1971, the engineer complements existing copiers laser light technology.

Xerox 9700 Electronic Printing System

the First prototype laser printer Starkweather designed in less than nine months. However, in mass production of the device has not been received, and remained a prototype. The first production model of the “laser printer” Xerox 9700 Electronic Printing System was released in 1977. In the 1990s, machines with the technology in which the light source is the laser beam, have become an indispensable attribute of any office around the world.

In the 90s Starkweather worked for Apple Computer, where he invented the technology of color management, and also acted as consultant to companies such as Pixar and Lucasfilm. In 1997, the engineer joined Microsoft Research, where he was engaged in display technology.

Text: To.Hi-tech