Died the Director and founder of the theater

the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg on Sunday announced the death of the Director, the founder of the St. Petersburg theatre “Buff” Isaac Shtockbant. People’s artist of Russia Shtockbant died on 95-th year of life, writes TASS.

“Care of R. Isaac of Shtockbant – an irreparable loss for our city. The memory of him will remain forever in the hearts of St. Petersburg-Leningrad”, — is told in the message of Committee on a social network “Vkontakte”.

the St. Petersburg Authorities have expressed their deepest and sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Isaac Shtockbant.

Isaac Shtockbant created the theater “Buff” in 1983 of his disciples. In his troupe he started his career, Yuri Galtsev, Elena Sparrow, Gennady Vetrov, the composer Igor Kornelyuk.

For theatre “Buff” in the center of the city built a building on a special project.

Isaac Shtockbant was a Professor at the Russian state Institute of performing arts and winner of awards “the gold mask” and “Golden soffit”.