Erected in Grozny, a unique Islamic centre

Library, educational classrooms, a mosque for tens of thousands of believers. In Grozny erect scientific and educational Islamic centre is one of the largest in Russia.

It will be one of the largest scientific-educational Islamic centers throughout Russia. Here plan to restore the old manuscripts of religious leaders who spread Islam in the North Caucasus, and then present them to the world.

the Research will unfold in the spiritual center, which is unique in the country yet. In it are located classrooms, the library of Islamic literature, mosque, designed for tens of thousands of believers, and numerous madrasas. Its construction is overseen by the adviser to Ramzan Kadyrov, who is responsible for construction of all shrines in the country. One of them is the mosque “Heart of Chechnya”.
“the Construction is less than a year, and already, as you can see, the work on the construction of the building frame. Quarantine makes its own adjustments, but the work does not stop, and I’m sure will be done in time. This is the instruction of the President of the Republic,” — emphasizes Amruddin Edilgireev.

Theological works that will be included in a unique collection of Islamic literature, was published 400 years ago and is still not known to the General public. They will study along with the works of the great imams and scholars of the Middle East and Central Asia. The mufti of Chechnya Salah Haji Mezhiev, says: “today around the world are working on manuscripts. We show what works were established by our fathers, grandfathers, our scientists they are, these manuscripts are, nobody reads them”.

the New Islamic center will be named after a prominent religious figure, Sheikh Daud Hajji Hadjimishev, which has brought well-known in the Republic of theologians. He died two years ago.

Now in the Republic are Russian Islamic University, Islamic Institute, seven schools for the training of scholars of the Holy Quran, almost every mosque, and in the Republic more than thousandYachi, there is a madrasah. The new Islamic centre in Grozny promises to be a gem of religious education for all Muslims of Russia.