Every second Russian for the long new year holidays, one - third against

the Number of Russians who oppose the long new year holidays, increased from 2005 by 6% (from 27% in 2005 to 33% in 2020).

according to TASS, the results of a survey the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM).

it is Reported that endorses the January long weekend every second Respondent (51%), the opposite opinion is shared by every third Respondent (33%).

it is Noted that 15 years ago, after the first experience of the long new year and Christmas holidays, the idea was supported by 36% of respondents and opposed by 27%. Thus in 2005, the proposal to move the weekend of may was supported by 27% of respondents, while in 2020 only 3%.

VTSIOM notes that long winter break like most of youth people from 18 to 24 years (75%) than the older generation – 60 years (34%). More positively they are evaluated also the Russians who think their financial situation good (63%) than those who believe their wealth is bad (46%).