Everyone can help: 10-year-old Vadim necessary course of proton therapy

Rusfond has announced the collection of funds for the treatment of Vadim Ivantsov. The boy struggles with cancer, the necessary course of expensive proton therapy. To help can each of us, enough to send a short text message. Thousands of SMS from the audience has given a chance for recovery 7-year-old Ilona, whose doctors found a dangerous genetic disease. Now her life is out of danger.

– This runs a serf boy, a naughty boy, he froze the finger, and it hurts, and funny, and mother threatens him in the window.

Teaches poetry in 5 minutes, not a child considered. Ilona — 7. In six months the girl was diagnosed with osteopetrosis — a severe genetic disorder. The Pope, Recalling the events of six years ago, still barely holding back tears.

“We were told: go home, can not be treated, a year or two and she dies. The meaning of this disease that the average person is osteoblast and osteoclast, some increase in bone and other excess tissue can be removed”, — says Dmitry Valuev.

Despair, the tears — a week, – says Dmitry, could not recover. Hope came when I learned that save the life of a daughter you can, if you make a bone marrow transplantation. The operation in Israel was worth more than 10 million rubles. To collect the money helped people through Rusfond.

Ilona was operated. Two years the family lived in Jerusalem — the girl needed treatment. Rehabilitation and then in Moscow “SKOLKOVO”. 115 thousand rubles also found thanks to the volunteers. Ilona is observed there now. The disease deprived Ilona of view, but the main thing now is removed a terrible diagnosis, and life goes on. In September the girl will go to school.

And this brown-eyed boy two and a half years ago easily knocked down opponents — Vadim was seriously engaged in Taekwondo. Last year, the boy began to torment severe pain in the back. Thought the muscles were drawn.

“We could not understand what as bOlga was not, he was a normal active child, running, jumping, anything not complained. And in the night and fell asleep somewhere in hour two nights I woke up and just screamed in pain,” — says Natalya Ivantsova.

it Turned out, Vadim cancer. Treat began in Omsk, then in Moscow. The boy underwent multiple surgeries, endured radiation and chemotherapy. It seemed that the disease had won. But last year, the survey have discovered a new tumor. To save the child can proton therapy. It can conduct in one of clinics of St. Petersburg.

“his recurrent education, it is closely adjacent to the spinal cord. Proton therapy allows us to draw a radical re-dose and not to use healthy organs that are close. The spinal cord is almost never in the zone of irradiation, the authorities is also not in the dose,” explains oncologist, radiation therapist Medical Institute named after Sergei Berezin Julia Gutsalo.

treatment takes three million three hundred thousand rubles. Money Vadim collects Rusfond.

to Help Vadim just send an SMS with the word VESTI/VESTI on number 5542. The message will cost 100 rubles.

– When mom is crying too, Vadim pities me says, let’s be strong. We hope that the entire lesion will be removed and return to normal life without pain.
– Well, first of all to recover completely.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”