Failure Mail.Ru: error 500 and lost accounts

One of the largest Russian email service Mail.Ru experiencing technical problems. Users from Russia and CIS countries complain that they can’t go to the mailbox.

failure error 500 and lost accounts 1

According to the resource Downdetector.Ru 11:24 Moscow time, there were more than 16,000 reports failure, and the problems started around 10 am. Complain about the inability to log in to the account from Moscow, Irkutsk, Pskov, Ufa, Kazakhstan, Aktobe and other cities.

If you try to go to the mailbox the users see a screen with “500 error” and the message about the temporary unavailability of the service for technical reasons. In addition, some complain that the service produces an error: “This mailbox does not exist”. The same problem is currently facing and the editorial staff Вестей.Ru.

Text: To.Hi-tech