Father Greta Thunberg became a vegan not to save the climate, and to rescue daughter

16-year-old Swedish ecoactivity Greta Thunberg has become a guest editor leading a special new year program BBC.

In this program an interview was given by the father of the activist Svante Thunberg. He said that he became a vegan not to save the climate, and for the sake of his daughter.

Greta’s Father — actor, producer, screenwriter and Director, remembered events of three-four years ago when his daughter stopped eating and talking to other people.

Svante Thunberg also reported that his wife is an Opera singer and a former member of the Eurovision song contest Malena of Amman — for the same reason, completely changed his career and refused to travel because they cause damage to the environment.

Greta’s Father noted that those acts gave their daughter a “lot of energy” and allowed her to overcome a difficult stage in life.

he also Talked about the period when the girl was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (a form of autism). Then, said Svante, they become very much time to spend together to solve the problem together.

with regards to the flurry of activity daughters for the protection of the environment, then, admitted Thunberg, as a parent, he at first is not very happy about.

“It’s a bad idea, when your own daughter puts herself at the forefront of such a huge issue like climate change.” – admitted Svante Thunberg.

He said that the daughter is happy, and he is anxious.

Just to lead the traditional new year’s broadcast in the period from 26 to 31 December, the BBC radio station, in addition to Greta Thunberg, invited five well-known personalities. In previous years leading the special Christmas programmes on the BBC was Britain’s Prince Harry, scientist Stephen Hawking, American actress Angelina Jolie and other celebrities, reports TASS.