For processing in Sevastopol sent 25 trucks of Christmas trees

Today, Christmas trees are collected during the action “Elaborat” was delivered for processing at the solid waste landfill in Pervomayskaya Balka, where he established a special crushing machine. About it reports the information service of the “News of Sevastopol”.

Pine and spruce today considered machines. This year in all the districts of the city managed to collect 25 trucks. On the ground the trees were cleared from the plastic packaging and the remainder of the tinsel, and then sent for milling. From this mixture make fertilizer. The list of those wishing him to have been formed.

According to acting Director of Department of municipal economy of Sevastopol Yevgeny Gorlov, recycled mix is very popular. Requesting people from the horticultural society.

Before sending the material as fertilizer in city parks and squares, it will be another sorting. Experts will check — not whether trees infected by pests. Evgeny Gorlov said Christmas trees were taken not only of organized paragraphs, but from all container yards. Took out trees, abandoned by the entrepreneurs in the field of trade. Those who are left unsold goods there, where the Christmas bazaars will be required to pay damages.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol