Found the mother of the children, the father has thrown in Sheremetyevo

Found the mother of two boys whose father left at Sheremetyevo airport.

According to the Ombudsman for children’s rights in the Khabarovsk region of Victoria Tregubenko, the parents were divorced, the children lived with their father and mother did not support a relationship with them. That her ex-husband was going to throw her sons, she was not aware of.

Tregubenko said that with women working, children are in the hospital, they receive psychological help. The boys will return to Khabarovsk Krai; then, we will determine their legal status. While none of the relatives has expressed the wish to take children on education. The Ombudsman did not exclude that children could return to mother, reports RIA Novosti.

in addition, the issue of the involvement of the children’s father responsible for leaving in danger and non-execution of duties on education.

According to TASS, a few years ago, the family got into the field of view of custody: the children turned over a kettle of boiling water while their mother was out shopping. The woman was given a warning for improper performance of parental duties.

Also the father of the children, which works in shifts, several times left them in the Center of social aid to family and children, but on his return from work was taken.

Sunday had flown from Khabarovsk male left in Sheremetyevo two boys 2011 and 2014 birth. The family lived in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Currently, the man police are looking for.