From Perm to Moscow: the countrymen Maxim Reshetnikov remember about the former Governor

the proposals of the heads of the regions on the implementation of national projects will be used by the Ministry of economic development. This was stated by the new head of the Department Maxim Reshetnikov. He was appointed to the post yesterday. And previously held the post of Governor of the Perm territory.

Interested in information technology in a market economy, Maxim Reshetnikov began in high school. In the Perm classical University, he studied economic mathematics. After engaged in the planning of the budget of the Perm region. He then worked in the Moscow government, head of the Department of economic policy. And in February 2017 Mr Reshetnikov became the Governor of the Perm territory.

“for three years we have worked with a person who is a professional of the highest degree, a man who has been in the budget segment from the bottom to the top. And it should be noted that in 3 years our budget has increased by 30%. Today the situation is above average, we with money, we can say that we have achieved all of their powers and even Finance additional powers, the poem we are talking about improving the quality of public administration”, — said Elena Zyryanov, the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Perm region.

One of the projects Maxim Reshetnikov was a new fountain in the town Esplanade. Transformed the whole district before the Legislative Assembly. Also at the expense of the regional budget was purchased by the territory of the plant. Shpagina, which is planned to create a Museum complex and urban area.

“the format of these rooms absolutely perfect, there is much still to be done, but those festivals that took place there — Diaghilev festival, forums. It was very textured. And territories of the Kizel coal basin, are very complex territories that have been done over the last 20 years, this was not. The stadiums, this new road repair equipment,” says Maria Konovalova, member of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region.

the new rules were carriedstacionarnyh commercial properties. Built the second phase of the bridge over the river Chusovaya, in parallel, the construction of the Eastern bypass. Also at the head of Prikamye Maxim Reshetnikov remember the enlargement of settlements and the early abolition of the single tax on imputed income on the territory of 18 municipalities.

“Over 3 years we have done a lot in the first place, municipalities have the right to determine an alternative measure of land. It can be certificates, cash for the purchase of land. This is a big plus for large families and for municipalities with a shortage of land,” — says Irina Ermakova, Chairman of the Regional public organization “many children of the Perm region”.

One of the main merits Maxim Reshetnikov called active work in online space. Innovation is the instagram-esters. “The high level was the interaction between society and government. Maxim Gennadievich made his new contribution. He ordered the heads to lead the social network where they could communicate with the population. This court helped to decide various important questions,” said Michael Borisov, the Chairman of the Commission for public control.

Maxim Reshetnikov holds live Instagram every couple of months. Now the page will be reformatted and dedicated to his tenure as Federal Minister.