In the “Destiny of man” – Maxim Dunaevsky, who 15 Jan 75 years old. Songwriter more than 60 films, many of which I love and know by heart the people of different generations, turns out to 18-20 years bore the name of my mother – the ballerina Zoya Pashkova.

His father – the legendary Soviet composer Isaac Dunayevsky – officially married to her was not, and therefore, as was the custom in Soviet times, have illegitimate children in the “father” put a dash.

And this, despite the fact that his father never hid his relationship with Zoya Pashkova, Maxim was well received in the official family of Isaac Dunaevsky, his eldest brother (by father) Eugene visited them in the house.

In his youth, Maxim Isaakovich composer did not intend to become, but resist the creative inspiration, apparently, was impossible. And only when Dunayevsky-son realized that becoming a good musician, I wanted to continue the dynasty and took the name of the father.

During a conversation with one of the most beloved composers of the country inevitably comes to talking about inspiration, which creates Dunaevsky, and how affect and influence women that surrounded him.

Maksim Isaakovich admits that he is “a complete romantic”.

“But usually the melody comes not in connection with the beauty of women or other fluids, and because it is necessary to write,” adds the trombone.

He says that the concept of “Muse” for him – an abstraction. “When the Muse becomes a wife, she ceases to be a Muse,” says the composer, although the relationship with the beautiful and talented women that went and go with him through life, perhaps, forced to question that.

At the moment, Dunaevsky had seven wives. Fourth, the famous actress Natalia Andreichenko, having learned that he was single again, asked him again to get married. And, by the way, she is the only wife of the Director, which left him herself.

Their Rrasstavanie was bitter, says the trombone, but they all dispersed, though, and cried on the shoulder of each other.

Then the Maxim Isaakovich was other life partner. With the seventh wife Marina and they have lived long for a record-Dunaevskogo – 20 years. They even got married, and her daughter, the composer gave his name, and she considers him her daddy.

Maksim Isaakovich believed that this marriage will last.

“it was supposed to happen but did not happen”, – says the composer. According to him, “it is impossible to continue what is impossible for something to cheer up,” “And to live in a state of lethargy is also not desirable,” adds the trombone.

he says He is doing everything possible to make the Marina their gap, but in recent years, next to him another woman — musicologist, candidate of Sciences on behalf of Alla. And Dunaevsky recognized that he was going to propose to her

“I have no regrets. I go on” — says Maxim Dunayevsky.

Some of the wives didn’t recognize the composer in a photo of the tea set, who presented him with Boris korchevnikov? Why they broke up with wife and what happened to his relationship with the next husband of actress Maximilian Schell?

For some of the wives were written the passionate song “call me, Call!”, and as congratulated the composer Irina Muravyova, who performed this song in the movie “Carnival”?

the Music for what kind of movie he thinks is best Dunaevsky created them? Able to identify own compositions sounded “backwards”?

How many children Maxim Isaakovich, and what they are? What prevented Isaac Dunayevsky to legalize their relationship with the mother of Maxim, and he repeats the fate of his father?

“Destiny of man” – interview of Boris Korchevnikov with Maxim Dunaevsky and greetings to the legendary composer on the anniversary.