Guardian: the smartphone of the head of the Amazon hacked account c Saudi Prince

the Message sent from the account of the heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia, allowed to hack the smartphone of the recipient — the head of Amazon, the owner of the Washington Post and the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos.

it is reported by the Guardian, citing sources. According to the newspaper, Bezos sent in WhatsApp with a personal account of Mohammad bin Salman al Saud, the message contained a malicious file. He gave the smartphone of the head of the Amazon and allowed the unknown to access information on it. This happened in 2018 year.

the Sources of the British newspaper claim that these conclusions were reached as the result of forensic examination of smartphone Jeff Bezos. The virus contained in the received from billionaire heir to the Saudi throne the video. It was sent on 1 may, but before that it Bezos and Mohammed bin Salman friend texted.

once infected smart phone with him for hours was pumped large amounts of information. What kind of Guardian do not know. However, nine months later in the tabloids got the correspondence of Jeff Bezos with his mistress. Close to the President of the United States American tabloid the National Enquirer then published the incriminating e-mails and announced that offers intimate snapshots of a billionaire.

Text: To.Hi-tech