Hanus: in 2019 RUSADA has recorded 202 violations. Depressing dynamics

General Director of the Russian anti-doping Agency Yuri Hanus shared the statistics about the anti-doping rule violations over the past three years. According to him, the existing dynamics can not but rejoice.

“the Dynamics in the number of anti-doping rule violations depressing: in 2017, 59 in 2018 – 146, and in 2019 – 202. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our organization’s work – quoted Hanusa Спорт24.Ru. We make maximum use of the available budget, obtain funding and provide reports. We are committed to transparency.”

yesterday, the journalist sent a notice to the World anti-doping Agency, which had outlined the position of the Russian organization she disagrees with the decision of the Executive Committee of WADA in the matter of deprivation of RUSADA compliance.