Have niznevolzkiy commercial Bank took away the license

on 24 January, the Central Bank revoked the license of the commercial Bank of the lower Volga from Saratov. The specialists of the Bank of Russia came to the conclusion that 65% of the portfolio NBCBank amount of problem loans. In order to provide its banking activities, the Bank actively attracted funds of the population. They accounted for about nine-tenths of Bank funds.

the Bank of Russia repeatedly sent to Saratov Bank requirements to replenish reserves to compensate for possible losses, however, the implementation of the requirements revealed the presence in banking activities, the grounds for bankruptcy. Although niznevolzkiy commercial Bank has developed a plan to restore financial stability, its main activities were recognized Supervisory body is unrealistic and unenforceable.

In the third quarter of 2019, the Bank took 176 place for their assets. The Bank is owned by Vladislav Burov, which owns 19.9 percent of its shares, 10%, JSC “Ontario” and JSC “Guron”, another 9,9% owned by JSC “Farrel” and JSC “Lover”.

Bank Deposits were insured. License withdrawal is an insurance event in respect of the Bank’s liabilities on household deposits. In this case the depositors of the Bank kompensiruet fully the amount of 1 million 400 thousand per depositor. Payments to depositors will start no later than 7 February.