Horizontal-vertical Quibi video will compete with Netflix and Disney+

the streaming service Quibi, the content of which is imprisoned solely for mobile devices, announced the date of launch of the project. As announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020, in the US, e-cinema will begin work on April 6.

Quibi (formerly New TV) was founded by movie producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. In total, his startup has attracted more than $1 billion on TV series that are initially created under the format of a smartphone screen. Content for Quibi cook famous names of Hollywood, including Steven Spielberg, Sam Raymi and Guillermo del Toro, and the role of the actors involved such as Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and bill Murray. Basic access to the video service will cost $4.99/month, with ads – as $7.99/month.

At Quibi has its own specifics, which should help it compete with Apple TV+, Netflix and Disney+. First of all, shooting for the online cinema of a mini-show designed for viewing on the go, so the duration of each episode (or movie, divided into chapters) is limited to 4-10 minutes. Quibi only available in app form for iPhones and Android smartphones to watch videos on your tablet or big screen TV it is impossible, writes Engadget.

Another unique feature Quibi – Turnstile technology that allows viewers to always see the full screen picture. And in landscape and in portrait mode the image is inscribed in the entire screen without black bars on top and bottom.

depending on what orientation you hold the device, will change and what is happening in the frame, said head Quibi Meg Whitman. For example, if the user picks up the smartphone vertically, he will see the hero side, and if you turn the screen to monitor events on behalf of the character.

in Addition to the accelerometer that detects the position of the smartphone in space, Quibi will use other sensors. For example, a horror series After Dark of Steven Spielberg can be viewed only after sunset. This app will check the location and local time to make sure that the user really gets dark.

Text: To.Hi-tech