Housekeeper Mikhail Yefremov told about how he feels

the Housekeeper of Michael Ephraim Eva Moses was another newsmaker in the biggest story since the accident. She is standing on a balcony and spoke to reporters gathered at the house where the actor is under house arrest.

“He has lost 6 pounds and is still sitting at home,” screamed the housekeeper of Ephraim to the media, reports channel “Russia 24”. The actor that’s supposed to bring in for questioning. The employees of the FSIN in the apartment of the artist had already arrived. Apparently, they carefully checked the observance of Ephraim the terms of house arrest — not whether telephone, Internet, talking to whom.

According to the woman in the apartment with him live all the family — children and wife and friends away unnoticed.

“No alcohol? Only water?”, asked Moses.

“Yes you! Any alcohol!”

As reported by an AU pair, Ephraim called the ambulance, he “really feels bad” team and “ready for anything”.

the Accident occurred on 8 June. Efremov drunk in his jeep crossed the double line and crashed into a van of the courier of Sergey Zakharov. The van driver later died in hospital.