Husband of Polina Gagarina for the first time commented on their divorce

Husband Russian singer Polina Gagarina, Dmitry Iskhakov was the first who ventured at their finest pair of to comment about the divorce. Earlier some media reported the news, according to which the artist and the photographer broke the bonds of marriage. The official explanation that was not.

Apparently, Dmitry Iskhakov ran out of patience. On his page on Instagram man replied to a comment of one of the wearer with the phrase: “don’t divorce us!”. In addition, the photographer said that not reading the articles that discuss his family life with Polina Gagarina.

the Singer tied the knot with Isakov in 2014. They had a daughter. In addition, a couple raising 12-year-old son Gagarina from her previous marriage.

At the same time, according StarHit, Dmitry Iskhakov is living apart from his wife and comes to her house only to visit his daughter.