In 2019 most of all rich Potanin

Forbes made a rating of five Russian billionaires, for whom the expiring year was the most profitable.

According to this list, the largest amount added to your condition, and Vladimir Potanin. The owner of “Norilsk Nickel” became a year richer by $ 7.8 billion, and overall his condition is estimated at 23.8 billion.

However, the ranking of Forbes Real Time Russia he still remains in 2nd place — ahead of it being on the first line of the rating of the owner of “NOVATEK” and “SIBUR” Leonid Michelson (his fortune is estimated at $ 27 billion). Growth in 2019 he was, however, less than that of Potanin is approximately 1.9 billion, namely 5.9 billion dollars.

On the third line of this rating Vagit Alekperov (LUKOIL). To his condition in the past year he added $ 5.3 billion, but in General his condition is estimated at 23.8 billion.

Fourth on the list is Gennady Timchenko (NOVATEK, SIBUR and other companies). The growth of his condition made up for 2019 4.1 billion dollars, and the total fortune is estimated at 22.7 billion.

On the fifth line of the owner “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov with the increase in the state per year 3.8 billion and General condition 20.2 billion.