In Damascus, you may receive a branch of Moscow state University

In Damascus, may receive a branch of Lomonosov Moscow state University, reports “Russia 24”. The rector of the University Viktor Sadovnichy said that it is now actively discussing and Syria, and Russia. Will teach mainly science and math and possibly computer science.

In HOMS, Syria was already the Russian school such as the school of Kolmogorov, which was prepared by mathematicians and physicists, but after the war it was closed. “A few months ago I was talking to a delegation in Syria, and they raised the question of a possible continuation of this tradition. There is a preliminary discussion. Again, we have done a lot of searching for talented children in Syria. There is a good mathematical tradition. They are used to the school, she was the pinnacle of education and is exactly the same programme of our school of Kolmogorov. And this school is number one in Russia”, — said Victor Sadovnichy.