In fact the collapse of the forests in the Kemerovo construction began pre-investigation check

Became known the details of the emergency with the collapse of the scaffolding. Earlier it was reported that in the Kemerovo three installers fell from a height of 6 meters to the Elevator shaft. According to updated information, the victims worked on a wooden platform located on the beams inserted into holes in the mine walls. In the process one of them is broken.

following the incident, the IC organized a check. The Agency staff will find out whether the workers have passed special training on safety. Also currently looking for eyewitnesses and witnesses of the incident.

“All the victims were taken to the clinical hospital. Podgorbunskogo. Two received minor injuries. They were placed in the General office. The condition of another worker, the doctors estimated as heavy. Currently he is in reanimation”, — reported GTRK “Kuzbass” press Secretary “of the Center of medicine of accidents” Anton Dugic.

Text: GTRK “Kuzbass”