In France, the vandals in protest doused the monument to de Gaulle paint

a Bust of the former President of France, General Charles de Gaulle was painted in yellow. Just such a tone chosen by the vandals, committing an act of hooliganism in protest.

the President of the Council of the region Of Haut-de-France, Xavier Bertrand on his page on Twitter wrote that this act, the attackers committed a few days before the celebrations, when people have to remember how de Gaulle led the resistance movement. According to officials, the vandalism of the statue in the Riot police is outrageous, according to Le Figaro. As evidence of the incident, Bertrand applied to the post a couple of pictures, which is bust, painted in yellow color. In addition, the monument to red the written word Esclavagiste, which in French means “slavery”.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK the protesters want to tear down the monument to Mahatma Gandhi. They even created a petition that received several thousand signatures.

Protests swept a number of countries after the death of the African-American George Floyd. Protesters in favor of the demolition of monuments erected in honor of those individuals who, in their opinion, are associated with racism and slavery.