In March, NATO will hold the largest in 25 years of teaching in Europe

the Most extensive in 25 years of teaching in Europe, the US Defender 2020 (the”Protector-2020″) with the participation of 37 thousand people will begin in March in 10 countries of the NATO centre of their holding will be Germany.

As transfers TASS, the world community was informed by a military source in the North Atlantic Alliance following the meeting of the NATO Military Committee at the level of chiefs of General Staff.

the spokesman did not rule out that NATO exercises will take place on the territory of the Baltic countries and Poland, close to Russia’s borders.

it is Noted that one of the main tasks of the Defender in 2020 will be the capabilities to deploy military units within countries-members of NATO.

the exercise involved soldiers from 18 countries, with 20 thousand 37 thousand soldiers and officers, will arrive from the United States.

the Source noted that the exercise was not so much NATO, as the us, and the choice of Germany as the center of the selected out of convenience, since Germany has a well-developed network of roads and Railways, which is convenient to transfer troops across Europe.