In Russia recorded the lowest increase of cases of mers since late April

In Russia, a day recorded 6 368новых cases of coronavirus infection, died in 198 patients, reports the operational headquarters. At the same time revealed 1902 (29,9%) asymptomatic carriers.

From the end of April the lowest growth in Russia. For the last three months the lowest value was recorded before July 1 — 6, 500 people.

as of Tuesday, July 7, Russia was 694 230 cases of coronavirus infection, 10 of 494 people died and 463 880 discharged after recovery (9 551 issued in recent days). To date, the coronavirus in Russia suffer 856 219 people.

According oberstab in Moscow for the day was 629 new cases COVID-19, 24 death and 2066 recovered.

As in Moscow, and in Russia on Tuesday, the prevalence of infection is for 0.99. On the eve of the day before in Russia it was equal to one, and in Moscow — on Monday, it was 0.95; July 5 — 0,93.