In Yakutia implement the national project

In the Lena river has released a few thousand fry of pike. Work within the framework of the national project “Ecology” was held by the employees only in Yakutia farm. This year they will start in the Lena basin, tens of millions of fry of different fish.

Grown, matured and is ready to go on a long voyage: tens of thousands of pike fingerlings were released into the wild. Juveniles are released gradually, providing protection from cold and predators.

“Produced by the larvae of a pike in middle reaches of the Lena river. The place was selected very quiet, suitable for the larvae of the pike,” says the Deputy chief of Department of preservation of water biological resources of the Yakutsk branch of the fgbi “Glavrybvod” Vladimir Burtsev.

a small Creek — all to ensure that they are quickly able to adapt to the natural environment. Ahead fry a lot of testing — not everyone will become an adult fish. The survival rate of juveniles grown, according to specialists, should be 20 percent.

Hard to believe as it might initially seem like Royal fish. Of fry weighing less than one gram of it can grow to 30 kg or more individual.

For this and conditions provided are appropriate. Right on the shore built a temporary “nursery” pools with water directly from the river Lena, where they can safely hatch from the eggs. In the near future, this temporary construction will replace a complete plant for the reproduction of fish.

And while each egg is the result of the work only on the territory of Yakutia farm. Here reproduce the eggs, raise the fry and juveniles. Fortunately, the environment — to equip rybzavod is not inferior to the leading fish farms in Russia, adopting not only their experience but also the technology of breeding.

“we Have four shifts of farmers at the plant, which change each other. This process does not stop, because they need round the clock care. Oxygen to the water pressure was constant and the temperature without abrupt changes. The selection of caviar is the main thing. Because if dead eggs are not to take, it strikes a living calf” — explains the chief fishery Chernyshevsky hatchery Elena Danilova.

Stocking takes place in the framework of the national project “Ecology” and the strategic decree of the head of the region. Just this season, the Lena river basin supplemented by more than 35 million juvenile vendace, Peled, broad whitefish, pike and sturgeon.