Inspectors of Rosprirodnadzor was detained poachers who hunted wild boars in the Leningrad region

Caught red-handed. Inspectors of Rosprirodnadzor was detained poachers. Violators have prepared a special platform and weapons — two carbines, one with a night sight. Nearby in the forest, felled trees, and a bait of corn.

In his defense, offenders are told that they acted with the permission of the Director of Nizhne-Svirsky nature reserve, ostensibly for the purpose of shooting wild boars bred. However, the reserve any hunt is forbidden to regulate the population needs to use special traps. All of these rules caught the poachers had to know in their official duties: one of them is the specialist of regional Committee on protection, control and regulation of use of objects of fauna, the other driver companies “Enabledata”. As noted by the “news of Saint-Petersburg” in RPN, now, offenders face not only administrative, but also criminal liability.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”