Inspectors of traffic police managed to bring orenburgsko to the hospital

In Orenburg the police literally saved a woman from giving birth in the car. The inspectors took her to the hospital, thereby sparing the life of a woman and child. To extract the young father was invited and employees of sentry duty.

it All happened in three hours of the night, informs GTRK “Orenburg”. The inspectors Vitaly Vasilenko and Valentin Rybalko patrolling the area, noticed the frantic driver running around the car. It turned out that his wife went into labor and a man in a panic do not know where to take her.

the Police, knowing that an ambulance call later, loaded the woman into his car and brought in a perinatal center. Later it turned out that concerted action helped to avoid serious consequences for mother and child.

By the way, to pick up Victoria from the hospital — so my parents decided to name her daughter, a young father called and saviors of the family. Those, in turn, made a gift — a car seat for safe travel in the car.

Note that last year the crew of the inspector of traffic police Vasilenko saved from the burning KAMAZ people.

Text: GTRK “Orenburg”