Instagram model fell from the cliff and fell to his death trying to take a selfie

the 21-year-old British woman became yet another victim of the dangerous selfie. In search of a good frame model Madalyn Davis fell from a 30-meter cliff and died.

the Tragic incident occurred on January 12. After the party model, along with his friends went to the cliffs of Diamond Bay. The guys jumped the fence to approach the edge and watch the sunrise. This place is popular with travelers. This is not the first sad case is some people were trying to take a selfie, but fell off a cliff. Madalyn Davis also suffered a misfortune. The girl could not resist and fell from a 30-meter height, her body found in the water four hours after the incident.

the deceased Mother Rebecca Smith said that after the tragedy faced ridicule in the address of her daughter. The woman doesn’t understand how commentators can laugh at other people’s grief. Smith believes that the worst of the Internet trolls experience their own emotional issues, which write such nasty things, reports the Mirror.

Earlier it was reported about a tragic accident in the Nizhny Novgorod region. 37-year-old Russian spent time at the recreation center and wanted to do a selfie. The woman approached the wooden railing, leaned on it, the prop broke, causing the victim fell down from a height of about 2.5 meters, having received injuries incompatible with life.