International experts estimate the introduction of electronic medical records in Moscow

In Moscow, coverage of all the major trends of health, and in addition, the Russian capital is one of the fastest cities in the world to innovate in this area. This was stated by managing Director and senior partner of The Boston Consulting Group Stefan Larsson at the Assembly “Healthy Moscow”. Previously, his company conducted a study of global trends in health care.

I attended a meeting with representatives of the Moscow management of health and I’m very excited about how the leadership is involved in all these processes. I believe that the leadership of the city is very ambitious in their future endeavors.

the study addressed five global trends in the health of large cities:

– the patient begins to manage their own health;

– prevention of disease;

– new technologies and digital solutions at all stages of treatment;

the health system is shifting from the inpatient to the outpatient level;

the doctor focuses on continuous improvement of their qualification.

the Expert believes that the Russian capital is moving in the right direction — for all the listed items.

Larsson said that the organization of the urban environment contributes to the spread of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, he drew attention to the organization of the pavilions of “Healthy Moscow”, which he called a great idea, which deserves to borrow it.

He drew attention to the great progress in promoting electronic medical records. According to him, this is an important step in the direction of open medicine. He also spoke positively about the city program “Moscow longevity” and the creation of a network of “vascular” centers.