Ju Wenjun retained the chess crown

Chinese chess player Ju Wenjun retained the title of world champion. The Chinese in the match for the title of world champion on tie-break with the score 2,5:1,5 victory over Russian Alexander Goryachkina.

Under the regulation 12 games (6 held in Shanghai, 6 in Vladivostok) did not reveal the winner – 6:6. Researches have chess crown had to continue to sort things out in an additional tournament. Ju Wenjun won on tie-break after four parties with the truncated control of time (25 minutes + 10 seconds per move) with a score of 2,5 — 1,5. First, second and fourth games ended in a draw, the third party also defeated the Chinese.

Ju Wenjun became the world champion in 2018, beating compatriot tan Junyi and since then holds the title of champion. She ranks second in the international ranking after another HOU Yifan from China.