Last update Windows 7 includes

Microsoft were not enough to deprive the Windows 7 support, including security updates, from 14 January. In the final update honored OSes was hiding a bug, and one that will be noticeable to many.

according BleepingComputer, citing a Reddit user (1, 2) and the official Microsoft forum, after installing the update KB4534310 and reboot your Windows 7 desktop disappears a custom image background just becomes black.

After the experiments, users found that the error lies in the settings to “Stretch” one to see “Wallpaper” on your desktop. It turned out that this option now simply doesn’t work and you need to choose another. Then the image is again displayed correctly.

If you wish to save desktop is possible (until you reboot) to make it a screenshot, pre-hiding the task bar, icons and desktop widgets. The resulting image will look like before, it will be just set as Wallpaper with the setting of “center”.

Microsoft has not yet responded to a request BleepingComputer about whether the company is to release a new “patch for patch” despite the discontinued support for older but still quite popular operating system.

Text: To.Hi-tech