Living 5 years at the perinatal centre of the girl is examined by independent doctors

the Girl, who is almost 6 years from the moment of birth, lives in the perinatal medical center (PMC), is examined under the action of bodies of guardianship and guardianship on the limitation of parental rights.

this was reported by RIA Novosti, the lawyer the girl’s mother Olga Lukmanova.

Forensic medical examination should find out what the child was treated all these years, because, according to the lawyer, the parents had no documentation of diagnosis, and the contract, the medical center terminated unilaterally in March 2019.

the First meeting on the case on restriction of parental rights will be held on January 28.

the parents do not agree. Despite the fact that in the perinatal center, healthy child is almost six years, grounds for deprivation of rights, they do not see.

except that its position in court, they decided to present themselves. At the pretrial hearing, neither the mother nor the baby’s father has not appeared. Instead, a preliminary conversation was not just the lawyer Olga Lukmanova.

According to relatives of the child, the mother believes her daughter is terminally ill. She was born in Moscow clinic “Mother and child” in 2014. Was premature birth, the baby was born premature.

a few months later the girl’s condition has stabilized, from complications just vision deterioration. While the General health is not affected. But mother with the arguments of doctors do not agree.

the girl’s grandmother and grandfather. The first time, they often visited her granddaughter and allegedly even wanted to take the child himself. However, later admitted: put the girl on her feet they will not allow the condition.

the doctors have said many times before the child can and should live at home, but the parents remained adamant, and to pick up my daughter from the hospital did not.

First perinatal center broke the agreement on hospitalization unilaterally, and then appealed to the guardianship. Now assign expertise can court.

Earlier it was reported that the New year girl I met in medcenter, where she was congratulated by the doctors and staff of PMC.