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the Cars without drivers, “smart kettle” boil your water to your arrival, and the smartphone will tell you when to stop will drive your bus. Thanks to IoT technology, or “the Internet of things” all of these technical wonders, absolutely impossible a few years ago, have become possible. How it works ordinary Russians today, explains to everyone the special “One day the inhabitant of the “Smart city” from the leading operator of the Internet of things — the company the Megaphone.

For example, the virtual citizen MegaFon introduces us to the world of high technology and advanced features. “Smart meters” themselves transmit readings of consumption of water and electricity to the management company, the “Smart entry” shows who is calling at your door, “Smart bus” contactless deduct the cost of travel… to Live in a smart city is easy and convenient, all thanks to the already established and successfully implemented IoT projects.

the most Important condition for the operation of “Internet of things” become the mobile network of the fifth generation, or 5G. They allow smart gadgets to exchange information and to coordinate their work without distracting the person from more important matters. Now on the deployment of 5G networks is actively working a number of Russian cellular operators, so the IoT every day becoming more accessible, not only to the inhabitants of the capital.

for Example, shortly before the New year MegaFon launched the network of the fifth generation in the Kemerovo region. She became the country’s first project of its kind implemented in the Urals. CEO chief Vermesan tested the performance of the equipment and reliability of its connection, making the video call at the mine “Listvjazhnaja” company “SDS-Ugol”. But far more striking was another check — this same network has provided the work of upavasa-drone on the basis of the freightVika KAMAZ. The driverless car drove a kilometer from the place of loading to the loading Bay and back, and at this time, smart appliances remotely controlled parameters such flight, as the speed and location of the machine, fuel, the load on the chassis. In addition, 5G network were conducted and video recording of the movement.

– launch of the unmanned truck is an example of how modern technology can be used in industry. The business will be the primary user of the 5G — new communication standard, which is now actively introducing the whole world. Thanks to 5G, it will be possible to automate those production sites, which represent a potential risk for employees to use video, augmented reality and other features. The technological revolution will have an impact on the efficiency of the entire production process — said the then chief Vermishyan.

Text: To.Hi-tech