Mike Pompeo tough negotiations with the Prime Minister of Iraq

According to the representative of the US state Department, the foreign Minister Mike Pompeo during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abd al-Mahdi in the most hard key condemned the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad December 31, who were backed by Iran.

Also the Secretary of state noted the response of the Iraqi authorities action and reminded of their obligation to protect the American Embassy, reports TASS.

As reported, on Tuesday, 31 December, protesters attempted to storm the main gate of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The protests at the U.S. Embassy began immediately after the funeral, members of the Shiite group “Kataib Hezbollah”, the victims of us drone strike that was done five installations of the group in response to repeated attacks. The President of Iraq, Barham Saleh, condemned the attack on the U.S. Embassy, calling the action “an attack on the sovereignty” of Iraq itself.