Military experts deployed in Dagestan, mobile COVID-hospital

soldiers arrived in Dagestan to deploy mobile COVID-hospital. Consisting of specialists — more than 100 soldiers, doctors and Junior health care workers from the Stavropol region. The staff of connection of the southern military district made a forced March of 400 kilometers to the town of Buynaksk. This was reported in the press service of the defense Ministry.

the Basis for the new object are inflatable structures. Soldiers brought 22 pieces of military equipment, States in the press release of the Ministry.

multi-purpose hospital of a hundred beds is designed for treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. There will be several sections: receiving and sorting, hospital, and infectious and environmental health, anesthesiology and intensive care. Work laboratory for research and diagnostic tests.

As reported STRC “Kuban”, the hospital will be equipped with the ventilator, monitors, intensive care, x-ray and ultrasound devices, blood analyzers and PCR laboratory.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”