Mishustin said Yes: why the Prime Minister can become the head of the Federal

About an hour ago it became known the name of the person to whom the President has offered to head the Russian government. The head of state submitted to the state Duma the candidacy of the current head of the Federal tax service of Michael mishustina, who heads the office for almost ten years and is known as the man who created the most effective system today taxes and fees. Why the choice fell on him?

the world’s Best tax system is the fact that today international experts say about Russian Federal tax service and celebrate a real jerk, which she did in recent years. Here are now offices of the tax service and the registration process of entrepreneurs — modern equipment, interactive services. But the tax inspection started zero: wild turn that people took at four in the morning, rudeness, and constant confusion in the documents. In a country where it’s always been more problems with tax collection, such a mess the situation only worse.

Mishustin headed the tax service in 2010. That was then and now — heaven and earth. Managed to achieve recognition of world-renowned experts — here’s a snippet of the presentation of an international conference:

“a Few simple instructions: throw away the computer, go back to accounts and Peru for writing, grappling with the technology, be closer to nature. Vistagate your next iPhone made of oak and, most importantly, do not trust anyone except the FTS of Russia. We all help out and simplify things”.

“I Can assure you that the tax Service of Her Majesty the Queen of great Britain and the internal revenue Service of the USA is not even close so user-friendly,” he addressed the international conference.

And here is an excerpt from a publication in the Financial Times:

“Inside on all stuffed with the latest technology. Mikhail Mishustin, the head of the tax service faces a video screen in the wall and is prepared to demonstrate its capabilities. Just a couple of clicks the Russian system shows prices across the country, and for any product or service”.

When the work was clear, transparent, and convenient, Russia has sharply increased the collection of taxes, and this is extremely important for the country to peacefully work and develop, it is important for schools, hospitals, in order to pay pensions. To work what is called “in white” became even fashionable. Here is an excerpt from the dialogue mishustina with our correspondent Tatiana Remezova:

“Every cash register actually transfers the data online to the server of the tax service, and we can at any time obtain information on the checkout”.

And here is another excerpt from the dialogue of Michael mishustina with Sergei Brilev:

— You are special forces in fiscal policy.

Not quite. I think we are still standing calmly part that tries to solve everything peacefully.

in the past, 2019, the tax service in Russia’s budget received almost two trillion rubles. On this money the country has developed. Now, Mikhail Mishustin, has decided, seemingly unsolvable problem of normalization of society and the tax will, if approved for the post of Prime Minister, responsible for the development of the economy of the whole country.

Mikhail Mishustin 53. In 1989 he graduated from the Moscow machine tool Institute and got the qualification of engineer. In the beginning he defended PhD and then doctoral theses. Since 1999 Mishustin held the position of Deputy Minister for taxes and duties. Also headed the Federal Agency of cadastre of objects of real estate. Since 2010 Mikhail Mishustin headed Federal tax service.