The problems with card payments in many German supermarkets continue. The background is a disruption in a widespread payment terminal from the US manufacturer Verifone, which is used by several payment service providers in Germany. Many customers therefore had to pay for their purchases in cash on Saturday and were unable to use a debit or credit card.

For days, branches of Aldi Nord, Edeka and the Edeka subsidiary Netto have been affected. “Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet provided an update for the failed card terminals,” said an Aldi spokesman on Saturday. This means that card payments are only possible to a limited extent in some Aldi Nord branches. Customers would be informed at the entrance and at the checkout.

The payment service providers Payone and Concardis confirmed that the problems are ongoing. They sell terminals and process payments. The company Verifone, from which the devices themselves and the software come, was initially unavailable on Saturday.

The terminal type H5000, which according to Verifone is mainly used in Germany, is affected by the disruption. The company said on Friday that it would provide a software update “soon” to fix the problem.