Moscow regrets that Japan joined the anti -

Japan joined beaten in the West of anti-Russian speculations, according to the Russian Embassy in the Country of the rising sun. On the page of the Russian Embassy in “Facebook” published a message expressing regret over the theft of confidential data “to transfer to Russia.” Earlier it was reported about the arrest of a Japanese citizen – employee telecommunications company Softbank, which allegedly transmit the secret information from the servers of the trade representation of the Russian Federation for cash consideration.

in Addition to publications in the media, no official statements on this subject was not done. This “megaphone diplomacy” has repeatedly proven the futility and harmfulness, remind the Embassy. Moreover, contrary to creating a positive atmosphere for bilateral cooperation, which was agreed by Moscow and Tokyo.

the Management of the company Softbank made an official statement in which it acknowledged that the data was indeed stolen, but was the low status of secrecy and did not contain information that could harm customers or to prevent the conclusion of transactions.