Home Breaking Night racing with police: drunk driver stole a KAMAZ

Night racing with police: drunk driver stole a KAMAZ

Night racing with police: drunk driver stole a KAMAZ

In Syktyvkar traffic police had to use weapons to stop a drunk driver. He tried to hide from police in a stolen KAMAZ-the tow truck along the way and staged the accident victims. Who was driving a Peterbilt? Why he decided to make a night race with the police?

This is not footage of the persecution of the Hollywood blockbuster. It is on the streets of Syktyvkar runs away from the inspectors, traffic police drunk driver. The man stole a tow truck on the basis of KAMAZ and decided to ride around the city. But here’s the thing — dangerous-in urge to finish.

the Requirement to stop the drunk reckless driver has ignored. Pressed the gas pedal to the floor and wild speed, dodged from side to side. Went into the oncoming lane. At some point, unmanaged multi-ton machine flew in a tiny Hyundai Getz.

From miniature cars remained only a mangled pile of metal. Passenger-the schoolgirl suffered multiple injuries. But the expendables the tow truck driver didn’t even slow down.

“At the outskirts of the city on a 15-kilometer patrol was decided to use the gun. He fired seven shots from his service weapon at the wheels. The driver of KAMAZ lost control and flew into a metal support of the bridge,” — said the representative of traffic police.

Give the guards are clearly not included in the plans of the racer — the man ran into the woods and tried to hide in the darkness among the trees.

Examination showed that at the time of the theft, the man was drunk. The 27-year-old driver had a driver’s license.

against the driver is composed of 16 administrative materials. The amount of fines — about 60 thousand rubles. In addition, his actions is also a criminal offence (article 166 part 1 of the criminal code “Theft”).

Actually, the theft of heavy — not uncommon. Not so long ago in St. Petersburg, the reckless driver stole the truck from the gas station, lost control, hit two cars and flew into the oncoming lane. In Chelyabinsk, the teenager in a stolen Car crashed into the wall. In Stary Oskol the man took possession of a KAMAZ truck loaded with corn seeds directly in front of the village administration, but not the left — turning at the first corner.

What motivated the driver from Syktyvkar, difficult to understand. Perhaps instead of a smooth surface of the pavement he imagined the route of the rally “Dakar”, and he himself was a pilot. Did the driver that poses a real threat to others, is not clear. Now about your race enchanting the man, it seems, will remember for a long time, and unfortunately — to it threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.