Nine screws: Dima Bilan was again operated leg

the Russian singer Dima Bilan said that he was tired of being miserable. On his page in Instagram he published a post in which he spoke about the state of his health and future plans.

Bilan admitted that he was “pretty sick” from content in the spirit of “I’m so fucking miserable”. The singer said that in the past, 2019, he had two operations. According to the artist, from a broken leg it was excruciating to work with the “sticks and canes” in a complicated show. “I’m glad to say about this in the past tense,” — said Bilan.

Bob said that 2019 was rich in events, victories and growth, but he never wants to force majeure, which completely overturn the usual life. On attached to the post picture shows the singer lying on a hospital gurney, with his wrapped leg. The singer explained that this is his last call to the surgery — he removed a titanium plate with nine screws.

In the conclusion of the post Dima Bilan said that in late January, will be run as tours and concerts remain in effect.

Earlier, the Russian singer gave a number of revelations in the release of the YouTube show “And talk?”. In a release, the singer spoke about the reasons for his existential depression, problems with alcohol, and also commented on the rumors about his sexual orientation.