No show, no money: the star of the social networks of podeschi left

the TV channel “Russia 1” – exposing the popular social networks of the former contestants of the reality show and fitness trainer, where many girls have lost their savings.

Victoria Tsaturyan shared with subscribers glamorous photo shoots, and recently announced the fundraiser on their own reality show called “Build your body with love.”

the girl was promised 21 days to help bring order to the physical form, and even find love.

Many who have long followed the publications of Victoria, recognized that trusted her. They sent their photos with applications for participation in the show, and when they were told that they “passed the audition”, the “contract” transferred tens of thousands of rubles for participation.

However, millions of rubles was gone, the show did not take place, and deceived the girls demand their money back.

However, Victoria says that she did just is and theft accuses some Karina Hercikova (aka Margo), who was to become the Director of this event.

Tsaturyan said that had already written her statement to the Prosecutor. Victims need to return more than four million rubles. Victoria says to pay off the victims girls, she is even willing to sell the apartment.

However, Hercikova, for its part, declares she’s innocent money to potential participants in reality shows have translated to a map of Victoria, and she spent them on yourself, which can be confirmed by the Bank statements.

At the same time it became clear that Karina was already involved in similar scandal. It turned out, last year Hercikova raised money for the organization of the Week of children’s fashion.

the event also took place, while the criminal case was ever opened.

telling people who transferred money to participate in fashion Week? How then could collect her Erkova? Why is she avoiding responsibility? And is it correct assumption that it is someone standing?

who got the moneyand listed naive podeschi on a reality show Victoria Tsaturyan, and is there any chance to get them back?

What did the test results on the “Polygraph”, and why so gullible groupies “div” from social networks?

find more Details in the “program Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.