Not contacted: Mexico's disappeared actress Natalia Andreichenko

Honored artist of the RSFSR Natalya Andreychenko, known from the movie “Mary Poppins, goodbye”, is missing in Mexico. This was on her page in Instagram told PR-Director actress Jan Trunev.

According to the official representative, Andreichenko’s been out for more than a day. On Saturday, January 25, she was at a friend’s house in cancĂșn (city in Mexico). The actress went to three in the afternoon, telling about the poor health, with fatigue, and that her sleepy. In the last days Natalia Andreichenko worked hard in preparation for the launch of one of the project. Trunci noted that the actress never contacted after got in the car and driving at the time it was about an hour.

PR Manager of the actress said that currently calls and says Natalia, but the calls are not Russian nor her room, nor in the us. Trunci trying to communicate with his son and wife to learn something. “We are all very worried that nothing happened,” said Jan Trunev. He explained that as soon as there’s news, he will report it.

the 63-year-old Natalia Andreichenko came to prominence for her role in the epic “Sibiriada”. Then she starred in “Mary Poppins, goodbye” and “Military-the field novel”.

In November 2019 Natalia Andreichenko was the guest of the program “Hello, Andrew!” on TV channel “Russia 1”.